Why you shouldn't buy iPhone SE 2020 edition

Hey everyone, As you guys must have heard the news of new iPhone availability in market. If you guys are looking to buy iPhone at affordable rate then this is your choice to grab it, but should you buy it ? We will clear your doubt in our cons comparison of this phone. Let's start.

iPhone SE 2020 is it Worth ?

Let's compare some areas on which you should have a look.

Price is the only thing that can make you to purchase this phone right now, yes it is available at starting price of $399 only. But if you are living in India then if will cost you much more around 42000 rs. You can easily purchase old iPhone too at this price but why go for iPhone when there at awesome phones available in market at this price range, think about it.

Have you looked at the design of this phone ? Have you seen how much is the bezel provided ? If you will see then you will feel like you are living in old school.
When people & technology are moving towards bezel less, this phone comes with more Bezel. You should consider this area too before buying.

This iPhone has provided LCD instead of OLED, you should go & search which is good. We used to get LCD device before some years. Almost all high end phones are using AMOLED, OLED instead of LCD. Google it & find the difference until our blog finds it out for you.

Yes, you heard it right, iPhone SE 2020 is equipped with single rear camera. This iPhone single rear camera is no way comparison to iPhone 11

The iPhone SE 2020 features a 4.7-inch screen which is small as compared to all latest competitors phones. You should consider this also before buying.

No, the iPhone SE 2020 does not have Face ID. But, it has Touch ID, which is integrated into the home button below the screen and works by scanning your fingerprint to unlock the phone. So you are looking for face id, unfortunately this should not be your option.


iPhone SE 2020 is undoubtedly a good phone to consider apart from listed cons by us. All phones have some pros & cons but this is relative & really depends on buyer what he/she wants in his/her phone. So decision is up to you. Thanks for reading.


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